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29 June REVEALED: What Facebook is Going to Do with AI

Subscribe on iTunes: https://apple.co/2LpCTOR Mari Smith is someone you should know if you’re using Facebook as a marketer. She is well renown as a Facebook guru and evangelist. That’s why I was very excited to discuss with her where Facebook is heading with AI and how we can all capitalize on it. Listen in as […]

29 June Of Influencers and Chat Bots

Subscribe on iTunes: https://apple.co/2LpCTOR Neal Schaffer is a man literally after my own heart as he loves the business of influencers and AI bots for sales and marketing purposes. In our discussion today, we’re going to talk marketing chatbots and how small businesses can take advantage of it. Neal’s Bio:  Neal is the author of […]

29 June AI with a Heart

Learn Bryan’s take on AI in leadership, small business and several other areas. You’ll be surprised at Bryan’s position and even more surprised on mine. Listen in to find out.

27 June Why Chatbots are Superior to Email

We’ve been setting up email drips and campaigns for several years for our clients, but now a new competitor has emerged. The Chatbot. In my interview with Chase Diamond today, we are going to debate the case for Chatbots versus email. Check out our other episodes and subscribe to us on Google Play and iTunes

26 June Why AI is Going To Disrupt Marketing & Sales by 2020

The big knock on AI is that it isn’t capable of truly have a deep, meaningful conversation. I’d say we’re several years from that but it doesn’t mean you should have an AI marketing and sales strategy. In my interview with Jack Kosakowski today, we are going to discuss Jack’s position that AI should monitor […]

19 June 5 Ways Facebook Messenger Chatbots Can Help Double Your Sales

There has been a rising interest in chatbots over the years. Mainly because of its power to take off the burden from doing the tasks that are time-consuming for a lot of businesses. The benefits that it provides to respond to your customers quickly allows you to give high-quality service. Although chatbots have been around […]

12 June 5 Great Chatbot Ideas That You Should Steal

More and more, brands are harnessing the power of artificially intelligent (AI) chatbots to take on a lion’s share of the sales and marketing tasks that formerly occupied an inordinate amount of time for marketing teams. Essentially, chatbots are programs that stand in for live people. Not only do they free time for marketers so […]

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